Monday, October 18, 2010

A little more than a year ago

It's crazy to think about what we were doing a year ago!  It's been a busy year. 
October 3rd: Farmboy proposes
October 4th: The planning and dreaming goes full force
November 26th: I get another year older
December 25th: A really great Christmas season celebrating with both our families
March 2nd: Farmboy hits the big 30
April: Bridal Shower season, we have 3 showers
May 22nd: I become Mrs. Farmboy
June 1st: I go back to work with the itty bitty kindercampers
July ?: We went on our honeymoon... is it sad that I can't remember the date??
August: We both go back to school to start a new year (my 6th, his 9th)
October: Roofing our humble home, not a superfun experience but a needed one :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

And the roofing project continues... it goes on and on and on!

So this past weekend we started reroofing our house.  My hubby and dad started tearing off the shingles on Thursday, and we were still ripping it all off Saturday.  We lost some of our help due to stupid stuff, but I won't go into that drama!  Anyway, we're still working on it!  So ready for it to be done.  Of course it stormed on us Monday.  I ran around like a crazy lady with buckets, and every single mixing bowl I own.  It's all getting better now, at least it's dry!  OK, ladies sorry for my b-fest.  I'll post again soon, hopefully something more exciting.