Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Excitement

I'm soooo excited for Christmas.  It usually takes me a little while to get into the Christmas spirit, but once it hits me big time.  We'll go to both of our parents' churches Christmas Eve, and snacks with FB's family in between.  Two services may seem like overkill for one night, but we both have our traditions and this is one we're keeping!  We always celebrate at my parents house Christmas morning, then there's still time to go to the other side of the family for a late lunch.  We'll go to FB's side of the family for the afternoon.  Both sides of the family have nieces and nephews to enjoy watching open presents and celebrating with.  Then the day after Christmas we're going to see my aunt and uncle, their son and his family, and my grandparents.  We haven't gotten together with them in quite a while (like years) so I'm really looking forward to that!  There's also going to be a fun Christmas surprise for everyone, so I'm super excited to see the reactions.

Hope you all have a very blessed Christmas and Happy New Year!  I probably will not post until 2011. 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmastime in full swing

It's December 1st and I'm still not quite in the Christmas spirit yet.  At school there's decorations everywhere, some of which I put up.  But our house.... nothing.  I really haven't gotten the desire to decorate the tree yet, but I think Farmboy and I will tackle it tonight.  So that's our evening plans... then I have to figure out what to get for everyone.  Wish me luck!