Monday, May 24, 2010

We're Hitched!!

Mr. and Mrs.
The Kiss

Let's get this party started!

Thank the Lord Almighty that this party is over!

More pictures and stories to come, right now I'll go back to working on getting ready to move.

Friday, May 21, 2010

30 hours and counting!

So Holly woke me up at 4 to go out.  When I came back in, I laid in bed wide awake for almost an hour.  I finally gave up, got up, and cleaned my entire apartment.  Glam Newlywed and maid of honor will both appreciate that.  Now I'm getting ready to wrap a few gifts then head out for the day.  Here's the agenda for anyone actually interested in that kinda thing. :)
9:00 ~ We decorate at the reception site
11:00 ~ Meet florist at church to set up gigando candles.  I'm not kidding some are 8 feet tall!
Finish decorating church
Afternoon ~ Lunch and possible nap, but if it's anything like this morning my mind will just run 90 miles an hour.
6:00 ~ Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner
8:00 ~ Chillin with my homies :)

Yesterday we found out that our priest would be too sick to do his part of the wedding.  We're very lucky that we'd planned to have my family pastor do 1/2 and the priest do the other.  Now it will just be the pastor, which I know really disappoints FB's mom.  But hey what can ya do?  Anyway, hopefully this will be our only snafu.

Have a wonderful weekend!  Talk to y'all later... As Mrs. Farmboy!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Quick Update

Today is the first day I haven't had anything going on after school in a solid month!  To a lot of people having something going on after work is great.  However, I am a homebody!  I love my downtime, so tonight I'm already in my pj's and ready for some good tv.  I will probably pack a box or two for my quickly approaching move.  Luckily we've got the whole month of June to get that done.  I wish Farmboy was here to relax with, but I'm sure he's enjoying himself without me.  He's in St. Louis with his seniors for their senior trip.  Looking forward to having him home tomorrow.

Yesterday, after meeting with our sound guy and a representative from the church, I met with the photographer.  After all of that, I got to hang out with my best friend from high school.  She's my maid of honor, and she was amazing enough to do my wedding programs for me.  We spent a couple hours last night getting them all figured out.  Now I have a rough draft, to take to the mothers for approval.  Then she's going to print them for me!  I'm so glad she was able to help me out.
This is a picture of us from her Pumpkin Carving Party.  This was the day before FB gave me the best pumpkin I've ever seen!  Really excited to have another picture or two of us, a nice side benefit to the whole getting married thing.  :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ceremony decorations

Our center aisle decorations are fairly simple and I'm very excited about how they'll turn out.

 + + 

Wood logs, cut by future brother-in-law, hauled by FB, measured by me.  Tin cans, collected for FB by his lunch ladies at the school cafeteria.  I think they're secretly crushing on him, but they take really good care of him so they're ok in my book.  :)  They used to pack him snack bags for his 6 hour trips to Dallas.    Then the flowers and a bow will be added by the florist.  I hope they set the rustic, natural theme we're going for when everyone first comes in the sanctuary.  Come back in a few weeks and I'll make sure to post the finished product.
Finished thank you cards from all my bridal showers tonight.  It took a while but I got it done before the wedding.  So I think that's pretty good timing. :)  Tomorrow we go to the courthouse for our marriage license.  We've got something pretty much every day, but luckily it's spread out enough I won't be running from appointment to appointment all day right before the wedding.  Hope all is going well for everyone else, I haven't had as much time to read my fav. blogs as much as I'd like.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

21 days!!

Exactly 3 weeks from this very moment we'll be shakin our groove thang on the dance floor as Mr. and Mrs!  I'm getting so excited!  Went to my dress fitting yesterday and it'll be ready to pick up Friday.  Now just have to talk to ushers and cake cutters, call everyone for one last check in before the big day, sit back and wait.  Oh yea.... and finish out the school year, move, and write a trillion thank you cards!  There's also a couple family birthdays, cousin's med school graduation, frat alum bbq, and Farmboy's high school's graduation.  Just a tad busy, but I'll try real hard to keep updating.