Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ceremony decorations

Our center aisle decorations are fairly simple and I'm very excited about how they'll turn out.

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Wood logs, cut by future brother-in-law, hauled by FB, measured by me.  Tin cans, collected for FB by his lunch ladies at the school cafeteria.  I think they're secretly crushing on him, but they take really good care of him so they're ok in my book.  :)  They used to pack him snack bags for his 6 hour trips to Dallas.    Then the flowers and a bow will be added by the florist.  I hope they set the rustic, natural theme we're going for when everyone first comes in the sanctuary.  Come back in a few weeks and I'll make sure to post the finished product.
Finished thank you cards from all my bridal showers tonight.  It took a while but I got it done before the wedding.  So I think that's pretty good timing. :)  Tomorrow we go to the courthouse for our marriage license.  We've got something pretty much every day, but luckily it's spread out enough I won't be running from appointment to appointment all day right before the wedding.  Hope all is going well for everyone else, I haven't had as much time to read my fav. blogs as much as I'd like.


Glamorous Newlywed said...

It's almost here!!!!! So excited :)))

Cee said...

They are going to look great!