Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow, Snow, and more snow

Friday was our fifth snow day this year!  Normally that would be just fine with me, I do occasionally like to be a bum.  Never leaving my house, or my pjs for the entire day.  But this year, snow days matter a lot more to me.  When we chose our wedding date, I thought I'd have a whole week off after school.  Now with all the snow, we're going to school the day of our rehearsal dinner.  So all you married ladies... how much time did you have off before your weddings?  Anybody work the day before?  I'm hoping my superintendent will understand and let me use my personal days.  But if I'm not so lucky, anybody have any tips to keeping me sane?  I know that week will be crazy, so those of you who've already been there done that, help me out.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Wedding Planning Update

We've finally made some dress decisions.  Mine was the first purchase, but you'll have to wait until post wedding for pictures of that.  This is a dress my sister-in-law found for my nieces.  They are the candle lighters.

The dresses will be brown with a thin teal stripe.  I haven't figured out what shoes they might wear.  The rest of girls will all be in long dresses, so it really doesn't matter as much.  Any ideas??

This is a David's Bridal dress for my 2 bridesmaids.  Each girl will have their choice of top.  The other top is a tank top/ v-neck look.

Tomorrow we're going to check out a couple different cake and catering options.  We're hoping to find some good deals too.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow.... cold.... REALLY COLD

So today is the forth snow day of the year.  That means my school kiddos have been out of school 3 full weeks.  I went Monday for teacher inservice, so I've worked one day in 2010.  I can't say that's too much of a bummer. :)  Except, that these days must be made up.  They will be made up the week before my wedding.  I was really hoping to have the whole week to get things ready, be relaxed and not crazy running around.  Now the last day of school will be the Thursday before our Saturday wedding.  I'm hoping my principal will be understanding and let me use my personal days at the end of the year.
I'm feeling a little stir crazy, definitely ready to go back to work!

OK now onto something a little brighter!  What'd everyone get for Christmas??  FB and I got a Wii from my parents, and some games from my family.  FB got me a couple date nights and some perfume.  I got jewelry, a couple cute things for the house, and a couple gift certificates.  Oh I also got a couple certificates for massages.  We've played Wii a LOT.  It was definitely a great Christmas.  Not because of the great gifts, but spending so much time with all the family.  We got to see both FB and my families on multiple occasions throughout the break.

So what was your favorite Christmas gift?