Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow, Snow, and more snow

Friday was our fifth snow day this year!  Normally that would be just fine with me, I do occasionally like to be a bum.  Never leaving my house, or my pjs for the entire day.  But this year, snow days matter a lot more to me.  When we chose our wedding date, I thought I'd have a whole week off after school.  Now with all the snow, we're going to school the day of our rehearsal dinner.  So all you married ladies... how much time did you have off before your weddings?  Anybody work the day before?  I'm hoping my superintendent will understand and let me use my personal days.  But if I'm not so lucky, anybody have any tips to keeping me sane?  I know that week will be crazy, so those of you who've already been there done that, help me out.

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Melissa said...

I'll take some of your snow days! We've had none!

I had 3 weeks off between the end of the school year and our wedding. I did that because I wanted a little time to get last minute stuff done once school was over. The week of my wedding actually wasn't too bad! I made sure everything was done and where it needed to be before then, so all I really had to do was rehearse and drop stuff off at the church and venue the day before the wedding!