Friday, January 15, 2010

Wedding Planning Update

We've finally made some dress decisions.  Mine was the first purchase, but you'll have to wait until post wedding for pictures of that.  This is a dress my sister-in-law found for my nieces.  They are the candle lighters.

The dresses will be brown with a thin teal stripe.  I haven't figured out what shoes they might wear.  The rest of girls will all be in long dresses, so it really doesn't matter as much.  Any ideas??

This is a David's Bridal dress for my 2 bridesmaids.  Each girl will have their choice of top.  The other top is a tank top/ v-neck look.

Tomorrow we're going to check out a couple different cake and catering options.  We're hoping to find some good deals too.


Cee said...

Pretty dresses! I love the blue.

Anonymous said...

I we don't know eachother but I love the first dress. the short black dress is very cool for a night wedding and the good thing is the girls could reuse the dress over and over again istead of just puttin g it in the closet forever.