About Me

Hey y'all,
   I am an elementary teacher.  I do not have my own classroom full of kids.  I work with small groups of kindergarten through 3rd graders all day long; we work on reading and math with those who are struggling. 
   I am a wife to the best man I could have ever imagined for myself!  He is also an educator, he works with the big kids. :)  He is a farmboy, a loving uncle, avid reader, XBoxer, and loves to be outside.  He's also amazing to me!  He cooks, cleans, helps with laundry, keeps me entertained when I'm bored, and makes me feel so stinkin lucky every day!
   I am a daughter, sister, and aunt.  I have great parents who live close by.  We try to get the whole family together once a week for dinner.  I have one brother, who is five year older.  We got along great as kids, and still do now.  He is married and they've adopted 3 beautiful kiddos.  I couldn't be a prouder aunt.  The girls came along about 3 years ago.  First as foster girls then they were adopted.  Their newest addition joined the family (and the world) in July 2010.  I won't post any pictures of these kiddos, because they were adopted and need privacy.  I'd hate to think that their biologicals happened upon this site and could find out anything about them.  Anyway, our family if pretty closeknit and great to help each other out.
   I am an in-law.  My farmboy has 2 siblings.  His brother is seven years older and has 2 adorable kiddos.  You may see them pop up on here from time to time. :)  They live on the same section as farmboy's mom.  This is about 20 minutes from us.  When I talk about the farm, this is what I'm talking about.  Farmboy also has a younger sister.  She is getting married this month (March 2011).  They live much farther away, so we only see them every month or so.  They've always been a close family as well with lots of work to keep them busy.  I'm glad they've accepted me so easily.
   I am a mother!  I'll have to add more to this when the baby is born.