Friday, July 31, 2009

You know it's time to go back to school when...

When you feel like yelling at Meredith Vieira after she starts each news story.  I mean really... We know more about the beer choices of the pres, vp, and 2 guys who should've never made it to TV, but very few of Americans could name their senators.  We hear all about how well the two women are getting along with each while figuring out a custody battle of celebs kids, yet we hear nothing about the hundreds of thousands of kids in foster care needing loving stable homes!  Ugh! I feel a few different rants coming on all at the same time!  I'm just saying the things media feel like putting on TV is so out of whack lately.  Don't even get me started on the seven year old joy-rider whose only punishment is no TV or video games for 4 days, yet he gets to go to NYC and be on TV. UGH!!

It's time for me to get back to school and stop watching morning news shows.  It's also time to take Holly outside, she's looking out the door longingly!

Isn't she cute?? Sorry for the ranting, I promise my next post will be more entertaining.  Oh and if you were wondering about the go-carts... I totally won!  Farmboy couldn't come close to my speed and skill. :)  The second game my niece and her friend totally beat all of us, in one of those double carts!  

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


While my BFF was in town my parents wanted to take us all out to eat.  My parents are the typical midwestern couple, however occasionally they like things and it completely blows my mind!  Turtleheads is one of these strange things, it just does not compute!  
Turtleheads is a bar that attracts bikers, women who want to be biker babes, and apparently my parents.  They like to go have dinner after church some Saturday evenings... yes, I said dinner at a bar after church.  LOL My parents really do crack me up.  So anyway, back to my real point.  My parents took Farmboy, BFF, and me to dinner.  It was awesome!
We started with some refreshing drinks, with flamingoes!  Turtleheads is known for their seafood, so we all got sea creatures.  Mom had boiled shrimp, FB had boiled crawfish (did you know they serve those things whole?? I don't like the idea of eating something that still has a face!) Dad and bestie both had the sampler platter (which included oysters), and I had fried shrimp with sweet potato fries!  It was sooo good.  Bestie and Farmboy tried oysters for the first time, and neither plan on repeating that experience.  If y'all head to her blog, and beg real nice, hopefully she'll post both reactions.  They're pretty priceless.  After dinner on the patio a band began to play some fairly good music.  Farmboy is pretty talented at "name that tune."  All and all a good time with the parentals and friends.  Tonight FB and I are going go-carting with my whole family.  I plan on leaving them all in the dust!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Winston continued

My bestie wrote about her Winston modeling for the camera here.  I felt the need to add to the post with a couple pictures of my own.  Here is the "I can't believe you let that fluff ball on the couch but not me" pose.  Shortly after this shot Holly decided to use Winston's head as a trampoline.
Here Winston gives us a "When is that mop thing going home?" pose.  Taken shortly after Holly landed squarely on his head.  Also known as the "I have a raging headache" look.
Lastly is the "I'm the top dog" pose.  They really do like each other.... I think. :)  At least I tell myself they're best buds.
Winston:  I can't wait to see your momma... only 9 more days!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Talking Tuesday

Farmboy not too subtly reminded me of my Talking Tuesdays duty, one that I'd forgotten lately.  So today I want to talk about doctors.  I went with my grandfather to the doctor today.  He's lost most of his hearing, so we usually send a family member to talk loudly for him.  I really disliked his doctor!  I'm usually not picky about doctors at all.  You know you go in get checked out then find out what you need to do.  This guy, however, was annoying.  If you know someone can't hear very well, would you talk to them directly or talk to their chart/ the wall.  I repeated several things to Papa, yet the doctor continued to talk to the wall.  I haven't been that annoyed in quite a long time!  So what's annoying you??

Friday, July 3, 2009

Summer Bummin!

Holly and I have been total bums lately!  I swear to you Holly sat exactly like that, no posing at all.  Promise!  We're just rolling our way through the Gilmore Girls series... yes I do mean the series.  Farmboy and I went to my family's reunion last weekend.  It was a lot of fun!  FB and I tubed behind my uncle's boat and seadoo-ed.  Is seadooed a word??  Apparently not based on the squiggly red lines.  I definitely like driving the seadoo better than riding while FB drove.  I accidentally hit a wave a lil harder than I should have, family was impressed FB hurt his ankle.  oops  Anyway, now we're getting ready for FB's reunion tomorrow.  Well more correctly FB and family are getting ready, and I'm watching Gilmore Girls.  The reunion should be a blast, great food, fun, and fireworks!  I plan on taking pictures if I'm not too busy with the fun!

Happy 4th of July everyone!