Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Talking Tuesday

Farmboy not too subtly reminded me of my Talking Tuesdays duty, one that I'd forgotten lately.  So today I want to talk about doctors.  I went with my grandfather to the doctor today.  He's lost most of his hearing, so we usually send a family member to talk loudly for him.  I really disliked his doctor!  I'm usually not picky about doctors at all.  You know you go in get checked out then find out what you need to do.  This guy, however, was annoying.  If you know someone can't hear very well, would you talk to them directly or talk to their chart/ the wall.  I repeated several things to Papa, yet the doctor continued to talk to the wall.  I haven't been that annoyed in quite a long time!  So what's annoying you??


Adventures in Newlywed said...

Oh honey, I wish I would have been there. "Excuse me dear, but did you get your medical degree at the University of HOW TO BE A JERK?" Just kidding :)

Cee said...

Ugg...so annoying. I am picky about doctors, I don't know why so many of them have horrible "bedside manner." Wouldn't you think that would be one of the easiest things about their jobs?