Thursday, September 29, 2011

Seriously?!? Aunt Flo, You suck!

Dear Aunt Flo,
My lil munchkin isn't even 6 weeks old.  Give me a break!  I guess this is what I get for not breast feeding. I go to the doctor tomorrow for my 6 week check up, so I'll get on the pill.  Last time I was on the pill you stopped being such a major B and settled down a bit.  You'd better do that again this time!
Bloated in Boonville

P.S.  You were not missed in the past year!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Belated 5 weeks

Daisy is 5 weeks old (plus a couple days)
She has had a busy week developmentally.
Daisy is now making more eye contact and cooing.  It took me a few coos to really decide that she was making those noises happily, not a noise made right before she starts to cry.  Her neck is still as strong as ever, she can hold her head up for a longer stretch of time now.  I'm working on getting through the Baby Whisperer book, and am trying to follow some of her suggestions.

 This is a picture of her on September 19. One month!  I can't believe how much she's growing.
This is a bad pic, but it shows Daisy and I hanging out in our Seven Sling.  I haven't decided if I like it.  She likes it better than our Infantino, but the sling makes me a little more nervous about her breathing or flipping out.  She's in there well enough that logically I know it'd be hard for her to flip out, but still this mama worries.

We're off to Daddy's school today for our final baby shower.  I think he's excited to show her off to everyone, and I'm pretty excited to open presents. :) hehe

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Over the river and through the woods...

To grandma's house we go

Actually to be more specific it's my grandparents, Gaga and Papa, that we went to visit yesterday.  My mom babysits my nephew every Monday and Tuesday, so we all loaded up and headed to Gaga and Papa's house.  Yes, I still call them that as does my brother and my older cousin... well everyone really.  Anyway, they are both in their upper 80's and have celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary.  They don't get out a lot anymore other than a daily trip to the post office and an occasional run to the grocery store.  Both Papa and Gaga were so glad to see the babies.  My nephew is 13 months old and so funny right now, he makes all sorts of noises and poses for you.  They were also really happy to see Daisy again; she's changed a lot since they saw her in the hospital.

After visiting with the grandparents, we went to one of my favorite burger places.  Kuku's is in the town where I was born and went to elementary school.  It was just about the only place I remember eating out at when I was small.  Mom and I had cheeseburgers and my nephew threw most of his bites on the floor.  He is hilarious when he eats fries, he already knows how to dip in ketchup!  He'll dip the same fry then lick the ketchup off several times.  When you make him eat the fry he felt like spitting it on the floor yesterday.  He's so fickle changes his mind about what he wants and what he likes all the time.  I hope Daisy isn't quite as unpredictable or messy.  However I'm sure she will be.
And all that excitement wore us out.  So today we're just praying for a peaceful day.  hehe

Friday, September 16, 2011

Daisy's Four weeks old

It's been a pretty good week.  Daisy found her mouth with her hands this week.  She definitely likes the car seat better than swing and bouncer.
We're not real thrilled with the Boppy either, but she is a little more happy with it than she was in this picture.  However, Holly still likes it more than Daisy does.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Push Presents

The *near* Perfect Farmboy came through with some amazing gifts the day after Daisy was born.  Of course he had been told to buy the clutch.  There was pre-shopping with my mom and I, then he took her back to buy it.  We try to pretend like there was a surprise there... ha.  

I looked everywhere for a clutch I really liked.  I first saw one I liked at JC Penney while we were helping FB's mom shop for a dress to wear to FB's sister's wedding.  Of course FB made a joke about me wanting a clutch... he asked if I'd prefer one for a Ford or Chevy.  Hardy har har!  By the time I got around to telling FB which clutch I wanted (a couple months later) the cute one from Penney's was gone.  I finally found one at a local store.
The clutch wasn't a surprise, but this lil number was inside my clutch!  FB sure does know how to really treat a girl!  He said we could add pieces to the bracelet for each baby.  Isn't he sweet?!

So what push presents did yall get when your babes were born?  What presents would you want for future babies' births?

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Heeelp! Please!

We need any and all advice on sleeping and schedules!  Yes, I realize my baby doll's only three weeks old.  However, I realize now I'm clueless!  Tell me some good books to read, tips to try, anything.  I'm pretty sure I can't do the cry it out thing.  I'd definitely cry more than Daisy!  Give me your mom-knowledge!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Daisy's Three Weeks old

Daisy's starting to figure us out. :)  Or maybe we're figuring her out.  She's 8lbs 7oz and 21 inches as of Wednesday.  We saw the doctor and he says she's perfectly healthy.  That's always nice to hear.  Well she's waking up from this peaceful slumber I caught a pic of, so I'm off.  Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Yay Internet!!

We finally got internet!!  No more mobile blogging for me!  I must say that kind of drove me crazy.  Now hopefully Daisy will start letting me lay her down during her naps so I can enjoy the internet.  So far she'd prefer never to see her crib ever again.  Luckily she likes her pack n play a little better.  We have great nights like last night when she goes down well after each feeding... then there's nights like the night before which didn't go as well to say the least.  Hopefully we'll figure her out soon and she'll get better at going down in both beds.  Glad to be back to checking blogs on the laptop instead of the iphone.  Maybe now I'll be better about commenting too.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What I learned in one short week!

People don't tell you what the first week of a baby's life is really like!  Some moms may warn you that you'll be overwhelmed or how much your life will change, but nobody really tells you exactly what it's going to be like.  Maybe it's that no one in their right mind believes moms when they try to warn you.  I know I was shocked.  So for all you future moms here's what my first week as a mom was like!

While we were in the hospital Daisy slept well, cried almost never, and was sort of getting used to breast feeding.  However, each new shift change brought a new nurse with new ideas and tips on breast feeding.  "Try a nipple guard" "No, that nipple guard will chafe your nipple"  "Use a syringe to give a little formula while she's trying to breast feed"  "Don't do the formula it's just coddling her and making her more lazy."  Needless to say I was confused, upset, and had no idea what I should really do!  When I wasn't breast feeding I was trying to get used to the idea of dealing with taking care of myself and my stitches.  We won't get into all that, just take my advice... take the pain meds!

They shipped us home Sunday, I wasn't ready!  Next time I plan to make sure to tell them I'm not ready. I was still waddling, bloated, and swollen.  The morning we left, a pediatrician I'd never heard of before came in, woke us up, and announced Daisy's bilirubin was moderately high.  I realize now how much harder it must really be for parents with babies in the NICU!  Bilirubin being moderately high is really no big deal, but I thought the world might end then and there!  We were told to spend a little extra time in indirect sunlight and we were told to check in w/ our regular pediatrician in a couple days.

Sunday afternoon we got home, had more trouble breast feeding, and cried AGAIN.  I cried a lot that first week!  I wasn't depressed or baby blues like they warn about.  This was just tears streaming down my face sometimes for no apparent reason, sometimes I was just overwhelmed.  Once I cried just because I realized how crazy in love I was with her and her daddy.  I also cried every time I couldn't get her to stop crying.  Yea... that little thing that acted perfectly in the hospital got home and woke up!

We went to the doctor on Tuesday and saw his nurse practitioner.  The actual appointment was great, it was just the waiting and the cranky baby that made it hard.  The nurse practitioner was great, and wasn't worried at all about her coloring due to the bilirubin.  She was a little concerned with her weight though. Which meant we got to go back on Friday.

Tuesday night Daisy went from being a lazy sucker to giving up all together.  After much drama, tears, trying all the different ideas from the hospital, and talking with the lactation consultant... we finally decided formula was the way to go.  FB was so helpful and understanding during this whole process.  We both wanted Daisy to breast feed, but it just was not going to happen!

After we switched to formula and got a little used to Daisy's cries, life started to get easier.  FB could take a feeding and let me sleep.  I was finally starting to feel more normal physically as well.  We had a great weight check on Friday with the nurse practitioner.  She was really sweet about us switching to formula and gave us a couple sample cans.  So the first week finally wound down and ended on a high note.

I know this was a downer of a post and more serious than usual, but I think more women need to be really honest about the beginning of their babies' lives.  I certainly am not this honest when people ask how I'm doing in real life.  For some reason I felt like I hadn't done enough or that people would judge my decisions.  Anyway I know I still have a lot to learn and Daisy and I will still have our good days and rough days.  But we survived our first week, lived through the second one, and wouldn't change it for the world.  So worth it to see her precious face all the time!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Daisy Two Weeks Old

Two weeks! I can't believe it's been 2 weeks. Daisy has taught us a LOT!