Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Over the river and through the woods...

To grandma's house we go

Actually to be more specific it's my grandparents, Gaga and Papa, that we went to visit yesterday.  My mom babysits my nephew every Monday and Tuesday, so we all loaded up and headed to Gaga and Papa's house.  Yes, I still call them that as does my brother and my older cousin... well everyone really.  Anyway, they are both in their upper 80's and have celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary.  They don't get out a lot anymore other than a daily trip to the post office and an occasional run to the grocery store.  Both Papa and Gaga were so glad to see the babies.  My nephew is 13 months old and so funny right now, he makes all sorts of noises and poses for you.  They were also really happy to see Daisy again; she's changed a lot since they saw her in the hospital.

After visiting with the grandparents, we went to one of my favorite burger places.  Kuku's is in the town where I was born and went to elementary school.  It was just about the only place I remember eating out at when I was small.  Mom and I had cheeseburgers and my nephew threw most of his bites on the floor.  He is hilarious when he eats fries, he already knows how to dip in ketchup!  He'll dip the same fry then lick the ketchup off several times.  When you make him eat the fry he felt like spitting it on the floor yesterday.  He's so fickle changes his mind about what he wants and what he likes all the time.  I hope Daisy isn't quite as unpredictable or messy.  However I'm sure she will be.
And all that excitement wore us out.  So today we're just praying for a peaceful day.  hehe

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bride4life said...

Lane Frost is right! I am hoping for a restful day today too!