Thursday, September 8, 2011

Yay Internet!!

We finally got internet!!  No more mobile blogging for me!  I must say that kind of drove me crazy.  Now hopefully Daisy will start letting me lay her down during her naps so I can enjoy the internet.  So far she'd prefer never to see her crib ever again.  Luckily she likes her pack n play a little better.  We have great nights like last night when she goes down well after each feeding... then there's nights like the night before which didn't go as well to say the least.  Hopefully we'll figure her out soon and she'll get better at going down in both beds.  Glad to be back to checking blogs on the laptop instead of the iphone.  Maybe now I'll be better about commenting too.

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Jessica Renee said...

Yaaay Welcome back!! I hope Daisy gives you a chance to enjoy it too! ;)