Saturday, September 10, 2011

Heeelp! Please!

We need any and all advice on sleeping and schedules!  Yes, I realize my baby doll's only three weeks old.  However, I realize now I'm clueless!  Tell me some good books to read, tips to try, anything.  I'm pretty sure I can't do the cry it out thing.  I'd definitely cry more than Daisy!  Give me your mom-knowledge!

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Melissa said...

She's too young to really be on a schedule yet. It sucks, but you kind of just have to go with it for now. I was told not to try to put babies on a schedule until like 12 weeks. Landon is 14 weeks and isn't really on a schedule yet. I try, but he eats so much that it's really hard to do.

Landon isn't great about schedules and I don't believe in crying it out either. He's a decent night sleeper usually, but his naps suck. I actually want to talk to his Dr. about it when we go for a visit next month.