Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Push Presents

The *near* Perfect Farmboy came through with some amazing gifts the day after Daisy was born.  Of course he had been told to buy the clutch.  There was pre-shopping with my mom and I, then he took her back to buy it.  We try to pretend like there was a surprise there... ha.  

I looked everywhere for a clutch I really liked.  I first saw one I liked at JC Penney while we were helping FB's mom shop for a dress to wear to FB's sister's wedding.  Of course FB made a joke about me wanting a clutch... he asked if I'd prefer one for a Ford or Chevy.  Hardy har har!  By the time I got around to telling FB which clutch I wanted (a couple months later) the cute one from Penney's was gone.  I finally found one at a local store.
The clutch wasn't a surprise, but this lil number was inside my clutch!  FB sure does know how to really treat a girl!  He said we could add pieces to the bracelet for each baby.  Isn't he sweet?!

So what push presents did yall get when your babes were born?  What presents would you want for future babies' births?


Jessica Renee said...

Aww he's such a sweetie!!! You definitely deserve those gifts :)

Melissa said...

I love push presents! I got a MacBook because I had to give back the one the school I worked at gave me because I wasn't going to be working there anymore. I love having a laptop!