Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Belated 5 weeks

Daisy is 5 weeks old (plus a couple days)
She has had a busy week developmentally.
Daisy is now making more eye contact and cooing.  It took me a few coos to really decide that she was making those noises happily, not a noise made right before she starts to cry.  Her neck is still as strong as ever, she can hold her head up for a longer stretch of time now.  I'm working on getting through the Baby Whisperer book, and am trying to follow some of her suggestions.

 This is a picture of her on September 19. One month!  I can't believe how much she's growing.
This is a bad pic, but it shows Daisy and I hanging out in our Seven Sling.  I haven't decided if I like it.  She likes it better than our Infantino, but the sling makes me a little more nervous about her breathing or flipping out.  She's in there well enough that logically I know it'd be hard for her to flip out, but still this mama worries.

We're off to Daddy's school today for our final baby shower.  I think he's excited to show her off to everyone, and I'm pretty excited to open presents. :) hehe

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Kate as of Late said...

Daisy stop growing!!! You are getting to big and old, stay baby longer!! ;)