Friday, May 21, 2010

30 hours and counting!

So Holly woke me up at 4 to go out.  When I came back in, I laid in bed wide awake for almost an hour.  I finally gave up, got up, and cleaned my entire apartment.  Glam Newlywed and maid of honor will both appreciate that.  Now I'm getting ready to wrap a few gifts then head out for the day.  Here's the agenda for anyone actually interested in that kinda thing. :)
9:00 ~ We decorate at the reception site
11:00 ~ Meet florist at church to set up gigando candles.  I'm not kidding some are 8 feet tall!
Finish decorating church
Afternoon ~ Lunch and possible nap, but if it's anything like this morning my mind will just run 90 miles an hour.
6:00 ~ Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner
8:00 ~ Chillin with my homies :)

Yesterday we found out that our priest would be too sick to do his part of the wedding.  We're very lucky that we'd planned to have my family pastor do 1/2 and the priest do the other.  Now it will just be the pastor, which I know really disappoints FB's mom.  But hey what can ya do?  Anyway, hopefully this will be our only snafu.

Have a wonderful weekend!  Talk to y'all later... As Mrs. Farmboy!

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