Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day weekend recap

I'm a little behind in my blogging lately, so I'll do a recap of the long weekend. Farmboy went on a weekend outing with the guys in my family. FB, Dad, my brudder, and my uncle all went to Arkansas and canoed 23 miles in 3 days. They're crazy, but hey they had a good time.
While the boys were gone, the girls had lots of fun! Saturday my mother hired a manicurist and a masseuse to come to her house. My mom, my aunt, my sister-in-law, her mother, her friend, and my 2 nieces all got super pampered. I LOVED getting a massage, it's been a very long time! I liked it so much I scheduled another one for the end of this month.
Sunday was just as enjoyable. My best friend from high school and I had lunch then hung out most of the afternoon. I also got to have dinner with a few work friends. Then to top it all off my best friend from high school came back over with another friend for a little slumber party.
Overall it was a great weekend, I even got a couple hours of farmboy time Monday. I picked him up from my parents, after a fun filled day of laundry. Hope your weekend was great as well.


Just Add Walter said...

love your blog!! too cute! glad you had a great labor day weekend!

Cee said...

Hey! I gave you an award, hope everything is going well :)