Wednesday, August 18, 2010

From spiders to snakes, from baby shower to babysitting

Last time I mentioned finding a spider, well a couple days ago we found a snake!  Luckily he wasn't under the bed.  FB and I had just gotten home from shopping, both with arms full w/ sacks.  He was stepping out of our garage when I saw a ginormous black snake laying across the threshold of the garage door.  Right under FB's feet, I of course scream.  This sends FB flying, then I was shut inside the garage alone, with no way out!  I'm a little panicky at this point, thankfully FB was a little calmer now that he realized it was just a snake.  He calmly told me to open the big garage door.  This provided me a way out, and provided FB a way in so he could take care of the snake!  I'm so not a fan of the country life right now!  Spiders, snakes... what's next??

I got the shower invitations in the mail Monday.  Now all that's left is food, drinks, and decorations... OK wow I've got a lot to do.  I am babysitting all day today and tomorrow.  I was a little nervous that the lil' guy would be cranky or hard to keep happy or any other number of problems.  Luckily day one's almost complete and no major catastrophes.  He's refusing to sleep in his basinet, but he's sleeping just fine with me.  Probably not exactly what his mama would prefer, she's all about the schedule.  Anyway, we're having fun, and I believe it's almost time for a bottle.  So I'll end this blog, and see you again soon.

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