Tuesday, July 26, 2011

31 More Days!

Give or take a few!
Today I am 35 weeks and 5 days.  I've started the whole not sleeping well, feeling huge, having a hard time getting in/out of the car phase.  I've also started the gagging thing again like during the first trimester.  I almost didn't get to finish brushing my teeth this morning.  It's also become very clear that I shouldn't fill a plate with the amount of food I'd like to eat (like a normal dinner portion), because I can't eat that much at once anymore.  I'm glad baby is growing and all, but pushing my stomach into my lungs... I could live without that part.  One good thing about this stage is that I've become addicted to hydration, I have to have something to drink all the time.  On the other hand, it's not so fun when you're out and about and don't have a drink in hand.  I thought I might die in line yesterday for Wendy's, I was so thirsty!  That's when the gagging really kicks in.  I've got to say gagging is such a weird preggo symptom, I don't think it's all that common either.

My BabyBump iPhone app says I have a honeydew melon sized baby.  Approximately 18 inches and 5.25 lb.  I've never seen an 18 in. honeydew, but I guess that sort of gives you an idea of what I've got rolling around in me.

I know this is a whiny post, but I do have to say I've felt really good for the majority of my pregnancy.  After the morning sickness subsided I didn't have many symptoms at all until the last week or so.  During the first phase I kept telling FB we'd be considering adoption from here on out, but I'm pretty sure if it's in God's plan I'll be in this same boat in a couple years.  And probably another time or two after that.  4 kids... I know crazy right?  Maybe I am, we'll just have to wait and see what the future holds.

In non-childbearing news... We went to my 10 year high school class reunion over the weekend.  FB was a good sport and let me show him off, even though he was pretty much done after dinner... I guess I'd be bored if I didn't know anyone too.  It was so interesting to see what happens in 10 years!  Most everyone is married with a career and some have kids.  I thought it was funny that FB and I were probably the most recently married and preggo too.  There were several couples who've been married 5 or 6 years and still no kids on the horizon.  I'm not saying that either way is the right way, it was just interesting to me.  We've got 2 that still live at home, which just strikes me as crazy.  I'm not talking about moved back home for a brief time while finishing school or looking for a new job or whatever.  I'm talking never. moved. out!!  My parents would have thrown me to the curb by now... I'm almost certain!  We also have a bunch of super smarties in our class, an attorney, several computer programmers, psychologist, entrepreneur, nurse, medical researcher, and of course teacher. :)  We also have an ice cream cone aficionado...  Does it make me a job snob that I think by now you should have moved on from your high school job??  I mean really, you want to scoop ice cream forever??  I bet you could guess the ice cream aficionado is one that still lives at home.  It's crazy how in 10 years things can completely change.... or nothing changes at all...  I'm interested to see where everyone is at 15 or 20 years!  Anyway, it was a fun evening and I'm glad we went.  I had waffled back and forth about whether to go at all.

Have a great week!  I'm getting ready for garage sale and baby shower this weekend, wish me luck!


Jessica Renee said...

OMG I gag a lot too now! I gag when I'm super hungry and need to eat soon. So weird!

I'm so glad you're almost there trough and doing so well! I'm sure you're dying to meet your precious girl! :)

And NO, you are not a job snob at all! It is pretty strange to be in the same stage as you were in hs! My 10 year was last year and there are still some people working at the grocery store near our hs as cashiers. It might be OK pay but I personally wouldn't want to work with nothing but high schoolers! lol..

Melissa said...

Almost done! I never got the gagging back thank goodness (I did puke weeks 7-16 tho) but I remember being huge and uncomfy those last few weeks. Hang in there, it's all worth it! :)

bride4life said...

That is so funny you wrote this. There is a boy I went to high school with who still works at the same Dairy Queen scooping ice cream that he did in high school and he still lives with his parents. That was 11 years ago for me.