Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Daisy is Two Months Old!

Happy 2 month b-day baby!

I'm so in love with your smiling face!  You slept through the night for the first time 2 nights ago.  You and Daddy get to spend the whole day together Friday, since he has the day off.  I will be doing parent teacher conferences.  Then he gets to take you to the doctor Monday.  I'm sad to miss that milestone, not the least bit upset to miss the shots!!!  I'm pretty sure I would cry more than you.  

Love you so much, my growing baby girl!


Jessica Renee said...

She is so stinking cute!! Happy 2 Months, pretty girl!

Melissa said...

She's so cute!

Try not to worry about the shots. It's hard to see them cry a bit, but in my experience, as long as Landon got fed immediately afterwards, he was fine. He didn't get a fever or anything like that, he was just a tiny bit fussier than usual. I hope everything goes well!

Anonymous said...

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