Thursday, April 22, 2010

Celebrity sighting! And other Bachelorette excitement

This weekend Glamorous Newlywed met my other BFF and I in Tulsa for a bachelorette bash.  We ate a crap ton of unhealthy food, drank a bit, and laughed a ton!  We ate, shopped, ate, watched a movie, ate, danced, and ate.  We had lunch at Cheesecake Factory, which was YUMMY!!  While there we sat right across from.... drumroll please...Garth Brooks!  OK, so he hasn't really done much lately, but still I was super excited.  And he was SO nice!  On Saturday night, we went to a country line dance place, which was fun.

In other news.... I'm going to pick up the wedding dress, and all that goes along with that tonight.  Next week I'm getting the dress fitted and my hair cut and trial run.  We also have our Kansas City couple's shower this weekend.  My school shower is next week as well.  It'll be a busy month!  Exactly one month from today I will be married!


Melissa said...

SO jealous you met Garth! I love him!

1 month left OMG! It flies by!

Katherine said...

I love the Cheesecake factory...both for the cheesecake and their peach bellinis. I think they're the best in town.

And Garth Brooks! That's cool. I agree that he's not as popular anymore, but he is still an icon in country music.