Friday, April 9, 2010

Last week or so..

Wow, it's been a little while since I've blogged.  Easter was a lot of fun.  FB and his mother joined my family and my sister-in-law's family at her father's deli.  They close down the deli for Easter, then we all bring our potluck.  It's really nice to have everyone together, and the kids go across the street to hunt Easter eggs in the downtown park.  After our celebration several of us stayed to help my brother.  He is working on renovating an 1800's Main Street building to turn it into a home.  I got to do a little demolition!  It was pretty good way to take out some aggression.  FB and my dad worked together to frame in a window.  I liked listening to them work while I beat away at my wall.  I think they have very similar personalities, very glad they get along so easily.

My maid of honor and I got to hang out one evening this week.  My first bridal shower is Sunday.  For some reason this has hit me and everything is finally seeming real, and soon. :)  I'll fill you in on that party next week.

We met with the priest to talk about what parts of the ceremony he'd do and if everything met his approval. We're meeting with the pastor Sunday after church to talk about his role and if everything meets his approval. :)  So looking forward to having that done, so I can check one more thing off my to do list.

Tomorrow we're finally celebrating Dad's b-day, which was March 17th.  We're going to the river to go fishing and have a lunch cookout.  It should be entertaining, and I'm taking a book so I don't have to worry about putting a worm on my hook!  Also the weather's supposed to be perfect!

Also to look forward to soon, the bachelorette party!!  Maid of honor and I are driving to Tulsa to meet Glamorous Newlywed, aka Matron of honor, for a weekend of fun.  That's next weekend, and I promise to share some of the craziness we get ourselves into later.

Hope your weekend is a little less crazy as mine.  Or if it is a busy, at least as enjoyable as mine should be.

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Cee said...

Hope you are having fun at your shower today :)