Thursday, May 26, 2011


1.  Westboro "Baptist Church" is coming to Joplin Sunday to protest... Seriously!?!  First of all I don't understand how they can call themselves Baptists or a church.  Second what is there to protest when a tornado rips our town apart???  Apparently they plan on being here to protest President Obama and celebrate the deaths.  What losers!

2.  People are looting and stealing cars!  Seriously??  I hope that the cars were stolen to get someone to the hospital, that's the only rationale I can handle right now.  The fact that people would take advantage of these poor people makes me want to cry!  Actually most things make me cry lately.

For all the bad things there are a gazillion good heroic wonderful stories, which is the only thing that makes this ok.  For Westboro, there will be tons of people in town to counterprotest.  For the looters and stealing, there are so so so many groups helping and sending supplies.  Praise God for all those people, and please continue to pray for Joplin.  Plus all the others that have gone through this type of devestation in other areas.

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