Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It's Official

Now I'm ready for Daisy all the way down to my toes! I'm so ready for her to just get here! Mom took me to a great spa for a mani pedi, then she came with me to help finish getting the classroom ready. I think it's ready enough for a sub if I don't go back in. That's my new hope, I'm paranoid about going into labor at school. Well that's all I've got today, hope everyone's having a great week.


Melissa said...

So cute!

I was worried about going to labor at school too! I wound up having my son a week after I stopped working :P Hopefully you aren't at work when the time comes!

Jessica Renee said...

So cute!!! Daisy will love 'em! ;) I hope you don't go into labor at school either but at least the kids would get an exciting memory right? :p j/k! I really do hope it happens at a better time for you!

little miss southern love. said...

those daisy toes are so cute!