Saturday, October 1, 2011

Daisy is Six Weeks

Daisy and I went to my Dr. appointment yesterday.  She cried so much a nurse came in and held her so she wouldn't scream anymore.  I should have known better, she does not like being in her car seat if it's not moving.  She usually likes car rides and stroller trips, as long as we're moving.  Anyway, the appointment went fine after that.  The girls in the office loved Daisy's personalized diaper bag and her little dog attached to a binky.  The appointment messed up our morning so much she didn't take a nap until almost noon, then she slept for three hours!  Needless to say we still don't have much of a routine or schedule yet.  But Daisy's starting to work into a routine, when we don't mess it up by leaving home. :)
This is right before we went to see Daddy for the baby shower at his school.  We know how to make overalls hot!  I go back to work Monday, so I'll probably be AWOL for a while.  Hope y'all have a great weekend!

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Melissa said...

So sweet!

We're trying to get into a nap routine as well. We have a nice morning nap routine down, we just need to work on the afternoon one. It's definitely hard when you have appointments or other obligations, especially as the babies get older.