Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rocky Raccoon meets his maker...

So I killed a raccoon last night on the way to Farmboy's house. :(  It's the first time I've ever killed anything with my car!  He was scurrying across the highway with one of his little furry friends, his friend kept right on going.  However, Rocky raccoon decided to chance fate and turn tail and run...  Fate caught up with him by way of my right front bumper. 

Then my car decided it didn't like being a murderer, so it overheated!  Luckily I could see FB's driveway.  I walked in his door and said, "I killed a raccoon, and it killed my car."  Followed by tears.  Of course this confused the FB, but he handled it well.  He handed me his keys and said we'd check it out and I'd take his car until it was taken care of...  And now we realize one more reason why I'm so crazy in love with this man!

Hopefully, if FB's initial diagnosis holds, it's just a small leak or hose.  Something that won't cost an arm and a leg.  I wonder what my insurance lady would say if I told her a raccoon killed my car?  I really hope it won't be bad enough to mess with insurance.  Going to call my dad after school to find out what he thinks.  My life... never dull.  Not always fun, but never dull.  Hope y'all had a better Wednesday evening. 


Cats Meow said...

So far, I've been lucky in the killing with car department - thank God. There's plenty of opportunity too with tons of squirrels in each and every tree of beautiful downtown Keizer Oregon (LOL).)

When I was a kid, my mom hit a deer and along with tons of tears there was copious vomiting (ick). Most fortunately, my sister and I were NOT with her so we got this information second hand. Most unfortunately, mom had to give us a blow by blow including getting her friend's husband to dispatch it via shotgun, which guaranteed my sister and I had nightmares for weeks. (Sigh!! Thanks mom (smile). Currently, Mother is in Heaven telling wonderfully vivid tales to the Angels. Love ya, ma.)

Anyway, I hope my record remains unblemished throughout the remainder of my life. Don't be too hard on yourself. I'm sure Rocky has forgiven you and is now eating huge eggs in Raccoon Heaven.)

Cee said...

Once my dad ran over a raccoon after he picked me up at a middle school dance. I was already mad at him for coming INTO THE DANCE to pick me up (horrifying for a 12 year old) then he killed a raccoon on the way home. I was so traumatized.

Hope your car feels better soon :(