Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Shopping

So I was really worried and dreading the shopping, but it was not so bad.  Academy was good, we got what we needed without much hassle there.  Lowe's was great!  There weren't even lines at the check out there.  Then we went to Walmart, this is where the evening began to unravel a bit.  It was a zoo!  However, we did run into my mom who was getting some pictures printed for her Christmas cards.  Then it got worse at Kohl's, I couldn't find what I wanted in the whole store.  Even if I'd found what I wanted, the lines were all so long I probably would've given up!  Overall it wasn't too terrible, so I suppose we'll call it a success. :)

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Cee said...

I don't know why but this year all the lines and crowds seem waaaaay worse than normal!