Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Holly and her bear

Holly loves her little bear.  She carries it around everywhere.  She would take it outside with her if we let her.  She obsessed with it.
 This is the look you get if you try to touch her bear.  She will growl if she's feeling extra frisky.  That's also her favorite pillow, so she can sit in between us.
Bear is always right there, or under her paw.  It cracks me up.  If you hide it under the blanket, she'll dig like crazy!  She woke me up last night, and I assumed she wanted to go out.  When I opened the doggy gate to the living room, she ran straight for the bear.  Then she wouldn't drop it to go out, which of course made me a little cranky at 2 am!  She took it back to bed with her, and I really think that's all she woke me up for. 

Guess I'd better get used to this.  I'll probably have the child with a favorite stuffed animal in another year or two.  You know that child, the one in Walmart dragging some poor thing around, across the dirty floor and through some mud puddles.  So I suppose this is good practice.

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Jessica Renee said...

Aww she just wanted her baby! That is the cutest thing ever! :)