Friday, April 1, 2011

Wedding Weekend pic

I read back through my post from yesterday, and I realized I'd forgotten this picture.  The only picture of the two of us.  Yikes.  I love how my man looks in a tux!  Then there's me... yikes!  I was cold so I have on an oversized sweatshirt.  Plus I'm not at all happy with the outfit I found for the wedding.  I should have just forgotten completely about trying to color coordinate with the wedding.  I thought it was supposed to be a light pink.  I would have had more fun picking something hot pink like FB's vest.  Anyway, not my best look, but no big deal.  I was definitely not the one everyone was looking at. :)
Then there's the expressions on our faces... Why did I decide to share this picture at all??  I don't know, I guess to give you a good laugh.

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Jessica Renee said...

Oh stop, you are so cute! :)