Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tomorrow's the big day... finally!

I'm off work tomorrow.. woohoo!  Really looking forward to sleeping in!  Our appointment isn't until 11:30, so we both had to take the whole day off.  I guess that will be nice to give us time to get ready for the reveal party.

Another teacher made a joke that with my luck he or she will have their legs crossed.  So, say a little prayer that the joke doesn't come true!!!  I just have to know!

Have a good day... stay tuned for updates Friday.


Jessica Renee said...

AAAGH! That is sooo exciting!! I hope everything goes perfectly and you're able to find out because I'm dying to know too!! :)

Jessica Renee said...

Just to respond to your comment {because I don't have your email address :(} - I would LOVE 70 degree weather. I am hating the already summer temps! lol.. Oh and I'm the communications mgr for an event mgmt company - we produce 2 trade show.

Melissa said...

SO exciting! I hope the baby cooperates for you too! Crossed legs was one of my huge fears, but my little man showed us his goods very clearly lol I can't wait till you post what you're having!