Sunday, August 16, 2009

Blonde Moment!

So farmboy and I were driving back from the farm to his house.  We drive the same highway every single trip, so I know it fairly well.  Anyway, I'm sleepily watching the scenery roll by as FB drives.  I broke the silence with "A ZEBRA!!"  FB, of course, used to my tendency to shriek when surprised, said "No it wasn't."  I asked if he'd seen it, and he had not!  I was still convinced it was a zebra.  So today we're driving and I'm intent on proving my case.  Well sadly I didn't get to gloat about being right... The zebra was really a horse.  But in my defense the horse had been dyed zebra print.  Yes that's right, some farmer decided to paint zebra stripes on their horse!  My question to you, blogger friends,  WHY?? Who has time for that?

1 comment:

Black Labs and Lilly said...

That is hilarious! And seriously, who has time to paint their horse???