Sunday, August 23, 2009

Yay! A trip out of town!

Farmboy and I got to get away for the day yesterday!  After a full week of school and craziness, we both needed a day out of town.  FB even had to break up a fight with a couple of his kids, apparently high school's a little more exciting than I remember.  Anyway, we took about an hour drive and enjoyed Bass Pro Shop, Macaroni Grill, a movie, the mall, and Carlos O'Kelly's.
     Oh and we also took a tour of our college days.  We both went to the same school, yet didn't meet until 5 years later.  FB was a senior when I was a freshman, the crazy thing is we lived within 2 blocks of each other just a couple years apart.  We had fun driving around talking about dorm life and crappy college houses.  
     FB and I watched The Shorts at the matinee.  It was actually really cute.  It's the movie about the magic wishing rock.  Yes, FB and I like kids' movies.  I've also found a new love for legos games on xbox 360.  FB bought legos Indiana Jones on a whim and I've gotten a little addicted.  
     Alright this post has gotten a little derailed.  My point, I believe, was how much we enjoyed the much needed time out of town.  Soo I'm off to finish laundry and clean a lil.

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