Saturday, January 24, 2009

6 hours in the car

This weekend is Farm Boy's fraternity reunion, so I had to drive back to Missouri after work.  I packed up the Hyper Holly and 3 possible choices for the dance, I'm so indecisive.  Within the first hour I'd gotten cut off several times, been stuck in severe traffic congestion, gotten flipped off, and to top it all off Holly threw up on my jeans.  That's not the way I'd planned to start the 6 hour trip, the one I'd hope to start by 4 instead of 5.  Anyway, I'm here now and it's COLD!

That's right folks, it's freezing!  I went to work in a short sleeved shirt today, left my house without a coat without thinking because it was 80 today!  It's not 80 in Missouri, not even close.  My car's digital thermometer went from 82 to 57 in the first hour and a half of my drive, then continued to drop quickly.  Well needless to say I made it to my parent's house for the night. 
 On a sad note, I won't get to read or write for the weekend.  I'll be at Farm Boy's tomorrow and most of Sunday.  Farm Boy is well a typical farmer I suppose.  He does not have wireless for my lovely laptop.  He uses dial up, or should I say he has dial up and gets all his internetting done at school (is internetting a word? guess it is now)  I will just have to do without your stories for a coupla days.  I'll miss y'all, but I promise to post a great love of all things D related when I return.  Wish me luck in the country!

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