Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fashion 911! Help?!

OK, so Farm Boy so lovingly invited me to a formal dinner/dance/frat reunion.    You may be thinking frat?  Yes, my farm boy was in a frat, an aggie frat!  I’m really excited to get to go with him, but I don’t think he realized when he asked what conundrum it would cause.  What to wear???  He'll be wearing khaki pants and navy blazer, possibly a tie.  So here are a few choices, please pick one and let me know what to wear.  Really, I don't think of my self as an indecisive person, but I really can't make up my mind.  Also take into consideration we'll be in the freakishly cold weather of Missouri January. I leave it in your hands fellow bloggers, whatever you decide, I wear.  

I like this option, because it's the only really warm one.  With the boots, almost my whole body would be covered.  I also dislike this option, because it's the only warm one, almost my whole body would be covered.  hehe But seriously, I think it's probably too casual.

I like the black and white ideas, definitely with a black or grey cardigan.

And here are some shoe choices.  I like the silver buckle thingy on the last pair, might be cute w/ blue n black dress.

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Adventures in Newlywed said...

Strapless black lace dress with a black cardigan and the black patent wedges...tres chic!