Monday, February 16, 2009

Beginning the weekend celebrations

We'll start with Thursday, because Texan Bride and I started a day early.  We still had work Friday, but knew we wouldn't see each other w/ Valentine's craziness.  We decided to totally pig out in the kitchen.  Here's just a little taste of what we enjoyed.  We eventually pulled ourselves away from our multitude of dips to watch TV.  All in all a great evening!

Friday as you know Farm Boy surprised me by showing up a day early!  I do love surprises!  He had these adorable things with him.  A sweet little pink teddy bear with the year of our first Valentine's Day.  He also has entrusted me with the lives of these lovely tulips.  Hopefully I won't disappoint and kill them within the first month.  That wouldn't be good.

He said he really wanted pink ones, but I like the red.  I love that he remembered my favorite flower from way before we started dating!  He's got such a great memory.  Holly had to learn pretty quickly that she's not allowed to think about touching this plant!  

Tomorrow I'll post about how I almost smoked us out of the apartment Saturday and how Farm Boy found it really amusing how little some of the city folk knew about animals while we were at the zoo.

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Adventures in Newlywed said...

Ahhh yes, the Arbor Mist in the picture of our pig-out reminds me of the classic line-of-the-night: "This crap tastes like fruity sprite! Gag!". Love you!