Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bummed :(

Farm Boy and I have been talking Valentine's Day plans for the last couple weeks now.  We're still undecided.  He may have to take his FFA kids to some competition, or is it his welding kids?  Did you know they actually have welding competitions?  This was news to me, anyway he may have to work on Saturday!  What stupid man came up with the idea to put any sort of competition on Valentine's Day?!  We all know it was definitely a man not a woman!  With him working Saturday we may not get to see each other at all.  Personally, I've never been so wrapped up in celebrating the holiday exactly on the day.  This may stem from having to do birthday parties at least a week early or a week late, as to not interrupt other family's Thanksgiving plans.  Anyway, it's not the missing out on the actual Valentine's day that has me bummed, it's the idea that if we don't see each other that weekend it will be mid March for spring break!  I don't want to wait til mid March!  Ugh, living 6 hours away is no fun!  Let's all pray for all his lil buggers to tell him, "heck no we're not competing we're spending the day w/ our girls."  Cuz if they said that he'd get to come here, YAY!  OK, I'm off to grade a huge stack of papers. I'll let you know what the final Valentine's decision is, but for now I'm bummed.


Adventures in Newlywed said...

Welding sucks.

Anonymous said...


Lovin a Farm Boy said...

uh oh farm boy and my bestie are going to have a throw down.... luckily they're 6 hours away from each other :)