Friday, October 23, 2009

By popular demand...

Since apparently I've been a slacker, I thought I'd better post a couple wedding ideas. 

Guests can write little notes and hang on the tree branches.  Then later I can take all the notes and create a book of well wishes.  Maybe a good idea for the reception.

I really love this decorating option without the brown ribbon.  I've really had trouble finding my outdoorsy barn-like venue.  So I may not get what I want.  But for now the search is still on for the perfect reception location.  This area just does not have good locations at all.  No restored barns or anything, trust me I've looked!  Any ideas for a fun outdoor location that's on the rustic side??
Thank you for pics.


Cee said...

I love the tree idea!

Have you thought at all about putting up a tent or something in a rustic location?

The First-Year Wife said...

We did wishing trees like those at our wedding and they were a HUGE hit! I didn't expect to have so many notes written on them and we had so much fun reading all of the comments people made. I would highly recommend doing this!