Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Surprise Guest Post!

Howdy sweet friends! Glamorous Newlywed here, bringing you a surprise (as in Miss Lovin a Farm Boy had no idea this was going to happen :) guest post AND a little bloggy makeover!

As you know, Miss Lovin-A-Farm-Boy recently got engaged {super-exciting, OMG} to her Farm Boy! I decided that this warranted a little blog face-lift to reflect this fabulous event! (secret alterior motive: hoping this will inspire Miss LAFB to post more wedding ideas/inspiration. Ssshhhh. Don't tell her.)

Here's a little inspiration to get her started...


Cee said...

What a cute makeover!

And Miss LAFB...I agree with Glamorous more about wedding stuff :)

Farmboy said...

I like what you have done with her blog! I will also keep on her to keep everone informed of ideas for the big day.