Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Dress!

Since yesterday was Presidents' Day, I had the day off.  My mom and I went to meet with a couple florists and rental places for the ceremony decorations.  After our apointments, we hit up the mall.  It was super duper cold, and this mall has some stores that face out.  Needless to say the ones we wanted to go to were the coldest possible choices.  However we both had a great time.  We went to Coldwater Creek for my mom, it's like her mothership or something.  While she was trying on 18 different outfits I saw a couple that I really liked, which surprised me.  Normally I think their stuff is more my mom, so not me.  Which either means Coldwater Creek is getting cooler, or I'm turning into my mother...  We'll go with the first option!  But I tried both things on and fell in love with this dress.  I plan on wearing it with a navy jacket. 
Picture from coldwatercreek.com

I think it'll make the perfect bridal shower outfit.  So I need your help!  What shoes???


Glamorous Newlywed said...

Tan or pink. xoxoxoxo

Cee said...

Cute dress! It definitly says bridal shower to me. Maybe some nude colored peep toe pumps or pale gold sandals?

I saw these on J crew...their shoes are a little pricy but I'm sure you could find something similar for less.


Melissa said...

Very pretty dress! I would probably do tan or gold with it.

Cee said...

I didn't read the jacket part...sandals prob wouldn't work so I would go with tan...or like glam newlywed...pink would be cute!