Friday, February 19, 2010

Valentine's Day: Zero Dollars spent

So Farmboy and I decided we'd do nothing for V-day.... then I realized I didn't like that idea very much.  hehe  Instead we decided to do something sweet for each other without spending any money.  I made a little collage card from magazine cutouts.  He wrote me this sweetest letter I've read!
He listed fifteen reasons he loves me and can't wait for me to be his wife!

Here's the list (plus my commentary in parenthesis)
  1. You have a caring & touching heart  (I cry at the drop of a hat)
  2. You and Holly are a package deal (I do love that puppy)
  3. You know me soo well (yet he still surprises me with the sweet loving things he does)
  4. I love your nose (I used to hate my nose, in high school a friend compared to a chunky boy's nose)
  5. That weird look you give me when I stare (that look is "why the heck are you looking at me... do I have a booger?")
  6. That I know you're always by my side (because I know he always wants me there)
  7. The way you get excited over the littlest thing  (meaning I'm a big dork)
  8. The sacrifices you make for me  ( I honestly don't feel like I've sacrificed anything)
  9. The way you let me hold you in any emotion (I love his hugs even when I'm trying to rush around the kitchen and cook dinner)
  10. I love your smile (it's easy to smile when he's around)
  11. Your dances (yes I'm a big dork who dances around when I'm in a goofy mood)
  12. How I know that you are excited & nervous for the next couple of months (I couldn't me more excited)
  13. I love you laugh (I usually enjoy laughing with him... except when he's tickling after I've told him to knock it off.... ok even that makes me laugh)
  14. How you like to go with me to the farm and school activities (I do enjoy seeing how he interacts with his kiddos)
  15. Because you are You and I am marrying you  ( again I couldn't me more excited about the wedding and our future together!!)
What would your list say for your significant other??


Mr. and Mrs. Stoneking said...

how sweet! I would totally take a sweet letter over any money spent on a gift! have a wonderful weekend.

Cee said...

What a sweet idea!