Friday, February 26, 2010


I've got some sort of respiratory junk again!  But even with the cough, I'm going to frostbite with my daddy and my future hubby.  Frostbite is a big rock crawling event for big SUV's.  Here's a picture from three or four years ago when I went with Dad by myself.

That's me in like 8 layers, including a full rain suit and huge puff coat over that.  It was wet and really muddy that year.  It looks like this year may be a lot nicer than that year.  Keep you fingers crossed for me though!  We are going to try geo-caching too, so it should be an interesting day overall.  Here's another picture of what the Willy's looks like without as much mud.
I'll try to take lots of pictures of our little adventure.

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Cee said...

That sounds very interesting and fun! Hope your cough feels better...I have been having th same issue!