Thursday, March 17, 2011

O'Birthday, doctor's visit, and baby update

Happy O'B-day Daddy!
Yea... his name is Patrick.
He's a twin and they look nothing alike. 
Sorry for the cheesy picture.  I have better ones, but not at on this computer.
We will be have corned beef and cabbage to celebrate! 
Also looking forward to seeing what my sister-in-law has dressed my nephew in.
Something adorable I'm sure.

In other news:
I went to the doctor yesterday.  We scheduled the ultrasound!  I'm so excited to have it marked on the calendar!  I cannot wait!  So everyone mark your calendars for April 11th.  :)  I'm just starting my 17th week.  BabyBump app on my iphone says the baby is the size of an onion.  I think they should find something more cute and cuddly to compare to Baby W.  At the appointment Baby was hiding, it took my doctor a couple minutes to find the heartbeat.  I was just starting to get really nervous when it came loud and clear as ever.  She called my baby perfect and ornery. :)  I think he's just shy like his momma and daddy.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Hope you get to pinch at least one person today.


Jessica Renee said...

Aww Happy Bday to your daddy! :)

And I can't wait to hear all about your ultrasound, that's so exciting!!

Jessica Renee said...

Hey girly, just read your comment...You SO need a vacation down here in SA :) After the baby, you'll have to come down and we'll have a sushi date!