Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What to Wear... reversed

I love the WTW posts from my favorite Texan, Glam Newlywed.  So I decided to reverse it and ask you to give me your advice.  I have a wedding to go to in a couple weeks.  Farmboy's sister is getting married, so I have to look cute to cut the cake and all the tons of family pictures.  I think I have the shirt and skirt, so I need some accessories and shoes.
This is the closest shirt I could find.  Mine is more pink and cuter flowers w/ pearls along the neckline.  With that neckline I don't think I need a necklace, but could use some good earrings and maybe a bracelet.  This pic from google images.

This is the skirt.  I think it's cuter in person, but I also think it's a weird length.  It's brown with little pink flower buds.  This pic from Christopher & Banks.

I could also throw the entire outfit out the window and go w/ something else if it's pink and brown.  Also remember I want to look pregnant, not just fat. :)  OK, ladies that is your mission... should you choose to accept it.

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