Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wishing my life away...

Wishing my day away... today is my Friday.  I'm taking tomorrow off to drive to sister-in-law's wedding.  Well technically Farmboy will be doin the five hours worth of driving. 

Wishing my week away... I've been ready for my day off all week.  Tuesday I thought it was Wednesday most of the day.

Wishing the month away... I want it to be April 11th soooo bad!  We've got an ultrasound appointment and I'm so ready I can't hardly stand it!  That's really the one I'm wishing for.

I know I should live for today, enjoy each moment, and all that stuff.  However, right now I just really want it to be Aprill 11th!!

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Jessica Renee said...

Yay today's my Friday too!

I can only imagine how DESPERATE you are for April 11th, I would be too! But time will fly and it'll be here before you know it! :)