Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Fun

Welcome to the world lil' birdies!
The ducklings were hatched from FB's mother's ducks, and the chicks came from FB's niece's preschool class.  
This little duckling is Patch.  Patch was born with just the one eye, so he looks at you with his head cocked way to the side.  I thought you'd appreciate a view of the good eye, cuz the other side's not super pretty.

After two wonderful Easter meals, we took the ducklings to Farm boy's.  He took them to his class to help them learn about the growth process.  They stayed at his house til today when we both had to return to work.  Yesterday, I stopped by his house to see him once more before having to head back to the Big D.  Holly came in took one look at the box of birds and ran backwards, straight into FB's feet.  She definitely was more afraid of them than they were of her.  She spent the entire time wandering near the door, but never quite making it in there without one of us for moral support.  She did get out a growl or two, what a watchdog.

The ducklings will eventually return to Farm Boy's house.  He's planning a little house and run down to the pond for them to swim and play.  That may be a summer project for us, so far he hasn't roped me into that yet. :)  

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Cody, Holly, and Luke said...

Baby Boy Luke would have probably tried to pinch their heads off... :) LOL Either that or he would have been scared to death of them....

They are SOOOO cute...