Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spring is here... for real!

I wore a skirt and flip flops today... reason #1 that I can tell spring is here.
Reason #2... Farm boy's mom has baby bunnies and the ducks are a hatching!!  I can't wait to take pictures of them all next weekend.  

The funny thing about reason #2... FB called me and I of course didn't hear my phone.  It's probably bestie's fault, she likes to talk, a lot!  hehe We were out shopping, so FB left a message.  His voicemail went something like this: Hey, we had quite the day here on the farm.  I've got some stuff to tell ya, make sure you don't forget your camera this weekend. Just give me a call. *click* He said all this in a tone that I took to be not great.  I called him right back and when he answered the phone my first words were "Are you OK???"  He being his typical calm self said yep, can I call ya later.  I figured he was probably in the midst of dealing with who knows what kind of thing on the farm.... My mind went to all the different things that could have possibly happened.  Maybe they brought the old barn down, they've been talking bout that lately.  Or maybe the wind did some sort of damage.   Or there's that other building they've been planning on redoing... Should I call mom and see if they've had bad weather?  No, I would've known about that sort of thing.

Two hours later FB calls to tell me ducks are hatching and his mom found baby bunnies in the rabbits' cage.  I hadn't worried exactly... just wondered.  Leave it to me to blow things just a tad out of proportions. :)  Oh well, all is good here and on the farm.  So I'm headed to bed to count my blessings, then call FB for our nightly powwow.  Pictures of the babies coming next weekend!

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