Tuesday, April 21, 2009

This Summer... and what irks me while I wait for June

Farmboy just informed me that his tax check is going toward this.
John Deere 3000 series compact tractor
I can already tell my summer will include learning how to drive and mow with this ginormous thing.  What do you think the chances are that we can convince FB that I need a blinking cowgirl hat with fluff lining?? Not happening?  Yea... that's what I thought too.
I'll just have to dress my lil Holly like this instead!  How long do you think that hat will last on her head?
Maybe I'll just wear a normal hat and sunglasses for the mowing.
Now in other news... Farmboy's use of extra tax money has made me only slightly bitter about my tax money.... I actually owe money!  I've never owed money... never!  No fun new tractors in my world... or shoes.  

Also annoying me about my current state, Missouri's small town lack of internet usage!  I cannot find a place to live using ESP!  It would help if I could search online, but noooo.  There are literally 2 rentals in my area online.  Urrgh!  I am going to make a very quick trip in 2 weeks, hopefully FB and I will come across something then.

Is it June yet??  Now that I have a job on the horizon I'm sooo ready for summer!  What's irking yall about springtime... or is it just me?

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