Saturday, June 18, 2011

Feeling brilliant right now!

So Jessica won my giveaway, but then couldn't email me. She figured out just how big a moron I truly am. No she's too nice to actually call me one, or even think that but it's true! Apparently when I put my email into my settings there was a typo! Oops fail on my part! I typed lovinaFRAMboy instead of lovinafarmboy. This explains why I haven't responded if anyone has tried to email me. It should be fixed now, but I make no guarantees. :)

In other news... Daisy is rollin around like crazy and we can watch her move now! Have I mentioned how great it feels to be able to call her by name?! Anyway enjoy your weekends.

1 comment:

Jessica Renee said...

Oh you are SO not a moron!!! Simple mistake :) I'm just glad it's fixed now so I can e-mail you!