Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Giveaway Basket

Hopefully Niles and Frasier will enjoy their goodies.

 Two Chilly Bones... a necessity for any Texas pup.  You just get it wet and freeze.  I haven't tried these, so Jessica will have to let us know if they're worth anything.
 One of Holly's favs.. in blue instead of pink of course.  She especially loves it when I stick a big treat in the middle for her to shake out.  Actually I think she may kind of hate when I do that, she's lazy like her mama.
 Two stuffing-free monkeys... for the dogs who rip the stuffing out of all their other toys.  I saved them a step, and hopefully saved Jessica from cleaning up stuffing.
Gourmet hot dog and pizza treats for the dogs who are particular about their treats.  Hopefully these will live up to their high standards. :)

Holly was not happy about giving all these away without so much as a quick play for herself.  She stood under foot the entire time I took pictures and packed the basket.  I guess I'll have to spoil her with some extra attention or something.  Niles and Frasier... I hope you enjoy everything, it was fun shopping for you.  Be nice to the UPS guy when he shows up in the next couple days! :)


Glamorous Newlywed said...

I've got to get one of those Chilly Bones to try for Winston!!! So cute :)

Jessica Renee said...

Holy schnikes!!! Those are the best gifts ever and you totally outdid yourself. Thank you SO much! I will definitely post Niles & Frasier's reviews when we get them. I already know they'll love them all. SO excited! :)

little miss southern love. said...

my dog has some of these and she loves them! hope your dogs enjoy them too!


Kate said...

wow! how nice you you to do this! Jessica has some lucky puppies!